What’s hot this summer? 2 great ways to keep your fundraising cool!

Summers should be simple: friends, family, and fun! So why should your fundraising be any different? We’ve invited two World Partnership Walk teams from across the country to walk us through their favourite summer-themed fundraising ideas.



Lemonade Stand – When life gives you lemons … fundraise!


Members of the Little Helpers team love lemonade and thought it would be a good thing to sell on a hot summer day – and they were right!


Highlight: Supporting global education by selling their favourite drink … and raising almost $260!

Advice from team members Ishaal, Zayaan and Aliya: “Be energetic at the stand. People get attracted to others with energy!”

What you need: Lemons, pitcher, cups, table, poster, and of course … great energy!




BBQ – Fire up your fundraising!


The Heart Pharmacies IDA Victoria Owned by Naz Rayani team fired up their fundraising and hosted a BBQ in support of World Partnership Walk.


Highlight: This awesome corporate team exceeded their original fundraising goal of $30,000 with the help of this fundraiser!

Advice from team member Barb: “Know your team and figure out how to engage them. Find out what will inspire and motivate them.”

What you need: BBQ, burgers, condiments, and a grillmaster!


Together, these Fundraise My Way activities are making an impact locally and globally by engaging communities in Canada and around the world to unlock the potential of millions of individuals. Learn more about how you too can keep your fundraising cool this summer with the help of our Fundraise My Way Toolkit!